Town of Marion

The Mayhaw Festival is customarily held on Mother's Day Weekend each year.  Everyone is invited to come and taste the famous and delicious Mayhaw Jelly that tastes so good on just about anything!

But if you miss this year's festival, do not worry, you can still get the jelly at "A Little Bit of Everything", as well as, at Mrs. McDougal's house. "The Jelly House" and other locations in Marion and Union Parish.

Mrs. Peggy Rhodes, owner of "A Little Bit of Everything". says she carries just about anything a person could want. If she does not have it, she will get it!

So if you and your family are looking for a good time, come and visit Marion where there is always room for you on Main Street!

For directions and detailed maps of the Town of Marion we recommend you visit Yahoo! Maps.