A quorum of the Town of Marion’s Town Council met on Friday, November 16 at 11:00 a.m. to pass a resolution of support for the Town’s efforts to receive a Community Water Enrichment Fund grant.  Members present included Mayor Kenneth W. Franklin, Alderman Ralph Holley, Bubba Hoggatt, and Jeffrey Kirkland, Clerk Johnnie Baker and Assistant Clerk Cheryl Futch.  Alderwoman Lindsey Redd, and Alderman Johnny Gilliam were absent.  Mayor Franklin called the meeting to order. 

On motion by Alderman Kirkland, second by Alderman Hoggatt to pass the resolution 2018-12 supporting the CWEF grant.  Motion carried.  



BE IT RESOLVED, by the Mayor and board of Aldermen of the Town of Marion, a municipality located in Union Parish by motion offered by Alderman Kirkland and seconded by Alderman Hoggatt hereby stating that:  we as the governing body of the Town of Marion support a grant application in the amount of $25,000.00 to the Louisiana Office of Community Development.

WHEREAS, The Town of Marion is pursuing funding for the replacement of two inch water lines to six inch water lines for 15 residential customers.  This is in an area that covers about ¼ of a mile.  The project will also include fifteen road bores.  

WHEREAS, The Town of Marion does not have sufficient funds to purchase the needed materials and complete this project;

WHEREAS, this project will be used to better serve the entire population of the Town of Marion;

WHEREAS, funding exists through the Louisiana Office of Community Development’s Community Water Enrichment Fund Program for such; and 

WHEREAS, the Town of Marion is looking to match up to $15,000.00 to help with financing this project.  

THEREFORE, this resolution having been submitted to a vote, the vote thereon was as follows:

Yeas:  Kirkland, Hoggatt, Holley

Nays:  None

Absent:  Redd, Gilliam

Town of Marion


November  13, 2018

The Town of Marion’s Board of Alderman met Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the Marion Fire Station for the regular business meeting.  Members present included:  Mayor Kenneth Franklin, Aldermen Johnny B. Gilliam, Jeffrey Kirkland, and Bubba Hoggatt and Alderwoman Lindsey Redd.  Guests included Clerk Johnnie Baker, Assistant Clerk Cheryl Futch, Water Superintendent Jimmy Caldwell, Chief Mark Dodd, Mark Andrews, and Nellie Mangum. Alderman Ralph Holley and Assistant Water Superintendent Stacy Caldwell wereabsent.  Mayor Franklin called the meeting to order and Alderman Hoggatt gave the invocation.  Mayor Franklin then led the pledge of allegiance and welcomed the guests.

On motion by Alderman Gilliam, second by Alderman Kirkland to adopt the minutes from the October regular business meeting.   Motion carried.

On motion by Alderman Hoggatt, second by Alderman Gilliam to approve the budgetfinancial reports.  Motion carried. 

Mayor Franklin advised the council that the Town would be receiving three $2,500.00 payments from the Concord Water system for the months of October through December for the water the Town of Marion is supplying for them. 

Ordinance 2018-01 Proposed Amended 2018 Budgets was introduced by Alderman Kirkland,  second by Alderman Hoggatt.  Motion carried.

Ordinance 2018-02 Proposed 2019 Budgets was presented by Alderwoman Redd, second by Alderman Kirkland.  Motion carried. 

On motion by Alderman Kirkland, second by Alderman Hoggatt to pay bills.  Motion carried.

On motion by Alderwoman Redd, second by Alderman Kirklnad to adjourn.  Motion carried.


572 Main St.

Marion, LA 71260

(318) 292-4715

Mayor Kenneth Franklin

Governing Periods: Served the town as Mayor from 1987 until 1990. He was elected again in 1995 and is still serving as Mayor today!



Erik Redd

Wes Franklin

Casey Towns

Chad Towns

Tanechia Riley

Abe Stanley

Brandon Towns

Travis Pilgreen

Mike Starr

Town of marion elected officials

Town Departments:

Town Clerk:     Johnnie Baker- johnnieb@centurytel.net

Assistant Clerk:   Cheryl Futch- cherylfutch@centurytel.net

Police Dept.:          Chief of Police: Mark Dodd-markdodd@centurytel.net

Fire Chief:                Kenneth Franklin

Public Works:           Jimmy Caldwell-Superintendent

                                     Stacy Caldwell-Assistant

Parks & Recreation: George Herring-Supervisor

Ambulance Services:   Union Parish utilizes Pafford MS

                                         Dial 911 for emergency services

                                         For non-emergency dial (318) 368-7033

Jeffrey Kirkland

P.O. Box 511

Marion, LA 71260

Ralph Holley

234 Crow St.

Marion, LA 71260

Town of Marion

Marion City Council: The Honorable-


Bobbie Wayne

188 Kennedy St.

Marion, LA 71260

Bubba Hoggatt

P.O. Box 350

Marion, LA 71260

Lindsey Redd

783 Main St.

Marion, LA 71260

Chief of Police

Mark Dodd

300 Joe Brown Rd.

Marion, LA 71260

Marion Fire Department

Marion Fire Chief: Kenneth Franklin

MFD Members:

Jimmy Caldwell

Stacy Caldwell

Bryan Strother

Nap Riley

Don Charles

Roger Reeves

Mike Brantley

Michael Gilliam